why your dog needs a den

having our dogs share our personal space is one of the many joys of pet ownership.  from sleeping in bed with us to friendly bathroom visits, there is no denying that our dogs love being near us!  based on this behavior, it’s easy to assume that co-existing in our human spaces is best for the… Continue Reading →

color code: the secret meaning of colors

we live in a deliciously diverse world full of different cultures, languages and social contracts.  there are few things that are consistent across humanity.  mathematics are one, as 1 + 1 = 2 everywhere you go.  and another unifying (and arguably more fun) concept across the planet is color.  while a boy in spain will say… Continue Reading →

an ode to dog moms

at molly mutt, we had a thought, with you we’d like to share. a mom is a mom, no matter what, even to those covered in hair. mother’s day, is not a day, for moms of humans alone. it is a day, to celebrate (even if barking prone). from the love they give, to the… Continue Reading →

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