pattern play: bleecker street and the dogs who love it


“fog’s rollin’ in off the East River bank; like a shroud it covers Bleecker Street; fills the alleys where men sleep; hides the shepherd from the sheep”


a stroll down Bleecker Street with Simon and Garfunkel feels warmly familiar like a walk down the block and around the neighborhood with your dog by your side. and yet there is something mystical and unknowable about the folk lyrics that remind you of all the hidden meanings in life and the undeniably magical relationship you have with your dog. i mean, how can another animal know and understand you so well, and yet not understand most of the words you say? 

in our inspired Bleecker Street duvet pattern, we bring to life the neighborhood every dog wishes they lived in! with coral colored steaks & ham bones, green trees, puffy white clouds, and an amazing tan dog house — what’s not to love?

beevolmar     bongo_dachshund_dog

bundyandbaxter_beagles     croquettethecorgi

emmy985837     llylock

you can find more pictures of these beautiful pups on their instagram accounts, in order from left to right: @beevolmar@bongo_dachshund_dog@bundyandbaxter_beagles, @croquettethecorgi, @emmy985837, and @llylock. a big thanks to each of them for being molly mutt fans!

A Quick Cuddle to Celebrate National Dog Day!

dd61 - champ at couch zoom

today is national dog day – a day made for the sole purpose of celebrating the furry one in your life. we know, you show them love each and every single day, but today let’s really show them we care! together, let’s take the opportunity to cuddle, comfort, snuggle, pet, and love them to thank them for the joy they bring into our lives every day.

every single dog out there wants someone to love and to love them back. they want to be held, feel relief from the stress and anxiety in their lives – it’s hard work protecting you and your home from the imminent threat the Fedex delivery person poses – and they want to experience the ultimate feeling of coziness when they curl up [next to you] during their morning/afternoon/evening naps. it is up to you to give them those things, and we encourage you to give that to them today. hang out with your pup today — be present and giving — let them sit and lay on you if that’s what they want to do, take them out for a nice walk and then let them rest while you take care of the rest. show them the ultimate comfort today, and let all their worries fade away!

national dog day is certainly about celebrating the lives of our furry best friends at home, but it’s also to acknowledge those who haven’t yet found their forever homes. it is a day that’s meant to bring attention to the plight so many animals face on a day-to-day basis. more importantly, to inspire everyone who is considering bringing a four-legged addition into their home — to always consider adoption first. no matter the breed or mix, every dog deserves a warm and loving home.

national dog day was founded in 2004 by pet & family lifestyle expert and animal advocate, colleen paige, also the founder of national puppy day, national mutt day and national cat day and many more philanthropic days.

we’re a mutty bunch!

2014-02-01 11.01.01it’s probably not hard to guess, but molly mutt is more than just the name of our business; it’s a declaration of love. mutts have filled our lives, making them richer, fuller and so much more fun – with the likes of pickle, bean and bacon, there is no room for boredom or loneliness in our homes!

and to be clear, to us, “mutt” isn’t a type of dog. a mutt is every dog. from the shaggy, scruffy mixes, to the sleek, shiny pure breds, they are all mutts to us because it’s about the undeniable love – of unknown origin – that compels us to share our homes and beds with them, feed and care for them, and come to see life as complete only if they are a part of it.

this summer in celebration of National Mutt Day we decided to honor some of our favorite kinds of mutts. what kind of mutt are you in love with?

mutt-day-curious mutt-day-velcro (1) 250px-mutt-day-rough-and-tumble 250px-mutt-day-loveable 250px-mutt-day-joyful 250px-mutt-day-adventurous

five things a dog’s nose knows


the power is immense! a small body part, granted, but a dog’s nose has such talent – more than we could ever dream of having. in constant motion, the nose of a dog has 300 million olfactory receptors allowing it to smell 10,000 – 100,000 times better than us mere mortals. it can smell the past, present and future, find lost items (and people) over vast distances and save lives. and it’s just a nose!

so what does this mean for those of us who share a home with a dog’s nose?

they know your specific smell

that’s right – you are one stinky person. and just like a fingerprint, your specific smell is a unique identifier. having nothing to do with your choice of perfume, deodorant or detergent, your body secretes it’s own odor that your dog knows is completely you. in fact, to your dog, you’re pretty much just one big smell.

from one of our favorite books, Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know by Alexandra Horowitz –

“Humans stink. The human armpit is one of the most profound source of odor produced by any animal; our breath is a confusing melody os smells; our genitals reek. The organ that covers our body – our skin – is itself covered in sweat and sebaceous glands, which are regularly churning out fluid and oils holding our particular brand of scent.”

they can smell emotions

maybe. the jury’s still out on this one, but some scientific research indicates that dogs can identify the scents of adrenaline and cortisol that are triggered by our fight or flight response. as strong emotions overwhelm you, your heart rate increases, your blood rushes and all the chemicals that go along with stress, anxiety and fear rise more quickly to the skin’s surface. this may be why your dog always knows when to stand a little closer and stay a little longer.

they can smell illness

cancer, epilepsy, narcolepsy, migraines and diabetes, dogs’ keen sense of smell has saved many lives due to their ability to detect variations in hormone and chemical levels in the human body. the stories are endless and are proven out by study after study: dogs can detect cancer with up to 95% accuracy, can alert their owners when a seizure or migraine is about to strike and can detect even small decreases in blood sugar levels.

they can smell when you are almost home

your dog can smell you coming. because dogs use their nose to smell what is coming towards them on a breeze, they can tell who they will meet, what adventures lie just up ahead and who’s already been there. Again from Inside of a Dog: “Their perception of time includes not just the scene currently happening, but also a snatch of the just-happened and the up-ahead. The present has a shadow of the past and a ring of the future about it.”

they are comforted by your smell

your distinct scent smells like love. it is home to them and a comfort to them when they are alone, scared, anxious or just ready to rest. no wonder they will choose to nap on a pile of laundry rather than their own bed! see how creating a bed stuffed with your clothes can be the perfect resting place for your dog. it’s all about the nose!

pattern play: lion’s roar (and the dogs who love it!)

“And every once in a while I’d sing a song for you
That would rise above the mountains and the stars and the sea
And if I wanted it to it would lead you back to me”


we can always feel the love we have for our dogs, even in the stormy days life can bring. a love so strong that at times we feel like we could roar – an explosion of emotion for these little warm bodies that change our lives and give us a place to call home.

in one of our favorite duvets, bows and arrows point the way to where our hearts lie in this pattern inspired by lake tahoe style. our lion’s roar duvet, with its rugged mix of dark grey, yellow, mint & white, is sure to hit the bullseye in any room!


you can find more pictures of these beautiful pups on their Instagram accounts, in order from left to right: @doghaironmylife, @walter.the.weiner, @i_dream_of_gemma, @ashb610, @rigbythetripawd, and[email protected]_bark. a big thanks to each of them for being molly mutt fans!