4 ways to ready your dog for a long winter’s nap


as temperatures plummet it’s important to know how to help your dog stay cozy for nap times and night times. winter can make it difficult for your pup to say warm, dry and clean – but follow these tips to make sure she has the perfect resting place for a long winter’s nap all season long.

1//  keep her clean


snow, sludge and mud are mainstays of winter and can wreak havoc on your dog’s coat. keeping her fur free of mats, snow balls and grime will help her stay warmer and healthier throughout the season. it also means her bed stays clean and dry, providing a more comfortable place to rest. she doesn’t want to sleep on a dirty, stinky bed…and you don’t want one of those in your house anyway!

2// keep her warm


there’s nothing worse than laying down for a well-earned nap when it has to happen in a cold, drafty corner of the room. even the best insulated doors and windows can have cold air around them. do your pup a favor and move her bed to a warmer part of the room. if she’s a really good dog, you could even put her bed near the fireplace or a warm vent. just make sure they are dog-proofed so she can’t burn herself – she wants to be toasty, not toasted.

3// keep her cozy


make sure your dog has a well-stuffed bed for the winter months. extra stuffing will keep her further off the cold floor, which will keep her warmer and help keep the stiffness out of aging joints. if truth be told, the best material to stuff with for winter is wool – wool is naturally warming, dirt resistant, water repellant and self cleaning. can you think of a better dog bed for winter?

4// keep her close


when the days are short and the nights are cold sleeping with your pup can be a really great way for you both to stay warm. your dog’s body temperature is 3 to 4 degrees higher than yours, making her a natural-born heater. she will also provide comfort, ease anxiety and cause the release of oxytocin, the cuddle hormone! sleeping with you will also make her very happy. and isn’t that what life is all about anyway?

our favorite pet-friendly, doggie decor ideas!

roughly 45% of homes in the u.s. have a dog. that’s an incredible number since it adds up to about 75 million dogs that have taken up residence in our homes and our hearts. and we figure of those dog-owning homes, many of them are like us – wanting to seamlessly integrate their dogs’ beds, bowls, baths and more into the stylish decor we have painstakingly chosen. we love our dogs and want them to have every creature comfort, but we don’t want our home to look like a dog house. so we have scoured the world wide web for the best ideas on how to decorate a home so human and hound can live together in harmony.

Lauren & Wolf Interior Design


in their article, 11 ways to incorporate pet spaces at home, they combine beautiful photography with realistic recommendations on how to best live in a lovely home with your pup. as they say, “Pet stuff isn’t always pretty, but adding their things to your space doesn’t have to result in an interior eyesore.” Check it out for ways to strategically design your home to accommodate both you and your furry friend.

The Creativity Exchange


from custom built-ins to diy projects, their article creative ways to incorporate pet items into your home decor, doesn’t skimp on the ideas. with our love of all things upcycled, we really liked their ideas on using children’s chairs for elevated food and water bowls, and a bright red dresser repurposed as a pet center.



we found some great advice and ideas on how to live harmoniously with our dog’s belongings in PeoplePet’s article, Tips on How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly and Post from HGTV’s Nicole Curtis. her main message? “You should never feel like you have to sacrifice your décor to have a pet. There are many materials, furniture pieces, and items that are pet-friendly, but also durable enough for an animal and can match the existing décor of your home.”

DIY Network


in 12 Tips for Pet Friendly Decorating, Julia Szabo and Nan Ruvel offer a list of advice on how to keep your walls, floors and furniture looking great. “The key is choosing the right materials and accommodating your animals’ needs,” says author Julia Szabo, who shares her digs with a dozen rescued dogs and cats. She says an animal-friendly house is more comfortable for humans too. “If a house doesn’t work with dogs, it won’t work with children or guests either.”

at the end of the day, we want our dogs to feel at home in a house that belongs to us all. it definitely takes a bit of compromise and some creativity, but that’s one of the reasons we work so hard to create beautiful patterns for our molly mutt duvets – we want them to be a beautiful part of your home, no matter what your style!

11 reasons your dog’s crate pad should be made of wool


undeniably popular in the baby diapering world, the health benefits of wool can easily cross over into the realm of pet bedding and we decided it was about time to make that happen! we are excited to introduce our new crate pads stuffed with wool from a sheep farm here in California! with a list as long as your dog’s tail (assuming your dog has a tail) of natural features , these new pads are perfect for any resting or sleeping pup!

  1. 100% naturalwcp54
  2. naturally cooling
  3. naturally warming
  4. naturally anti-bacterial
  5. naturally dirt resistant 
  6. naturally water-repellant
  7. powerfully absorbent
  8. wicks away moisture from the surface
  9. chemical and pesticide free
  10. anti-microbial 
  11. self-cleaning

look at that list! and because wool has all these features, it naturally eliminates the smells of dog, drool and urine – allowing more time between cleaning. not that you really need more time between cleaning since it’s such an easy thing to do – simply remove the wool insert, set it outside in the sun, and toss the duvet into the wash!

we still can’t believe all of this is in one awesome new product!

Our Three New Dog Bed Duvet Patterns and the Models Who Love Them!


our favorite time of year comes with the launch of our newest patterns: it’s always a rush to see these beautiful textiles go from doodles in our daydreams to real beds our pups can lounge on. and so, with a nod to the past and eye on the horizon, we are proud to introduce:

i am not a robot: remember our pattern ‘mr. roboto?’ well, he’s back! kind of. new colors and a rearranged design of this molly mutt classic mean he’s been upgraded to version 2.0.

elephant parade: inspired by the majestic elephants of asia, this pattern has a forest green background with elephants in red, yellow, and light blue.

 time after time: a beautiful floral scene on a background of tan — the color from ‘wild horses.’

 Summer with ‘i am not a robot’ 

29821292092_ed9d9bcd2c_zSummer is a 4 year old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Mix, she was adopted from the San Francisco SPCA when she was 9 months old. her parents went to an adoption event to window shop and not to buy.  they were struck by Summer’s smile and had to bring her home immediately.

when she is not dog dreaming🙂 she loves to play and meet every dog of all sizes and shapes.  her arch nemesis are squirrels who taunt her with their fluffy tails and their need to torture dogs. although she weighs 49 lbs she knows the real boss at home is her feline sister, Olive, who is a gorgeous Siamese.

 Theo with ‘elephant parade’

29935231975_940b632303_zmeet Theo, a 2 year old dachshund who has a few true loves other than his family.  he loves to sleep and snuggle with you and he LOVES to watch Scooby Doo! “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids.”  Theo is very playful with other dogs and has a best friend named Rocco.  they are inseparable and play together everyday! Theo’s other favorite pastimes include swimming in the pool and sun bathe.  his favorite indulgences include chicken, potatoes and salmon.

Avery with ‘time after time’


in just one year Avery has already lived quite the life – but unfortunately we don’t know much about it! his parents rescued him from a dog “halfway house” where he was living after an adoption agency saved him from a kill shelter. when he came to live with his new parents in Los Angeles, Will and Kate, he had to learn how to mark his territory (outside), sleep through the night, and share toys with his new big brother, a Lhasa Apso mix, named Oscar.

now Avery fits in perfectly with the rest of the family! he loves to play and wakes up every morning energized and ready to bounce around the house. he loves to wrestle with Oscar, but is mostly known for his heart of gold and willingness to sit quietly on your lap and snuggle all night.

four ways to make your house a home for your dog


there are many things to consider when you decide to get a dog, including how to make your house feel like a home to him, without him taking over said house. it isn’t as easy as tossing down bowls for food and water and calling it a day. if you really want to peacefully coexist in your beautiful home with your pup, here’s what we recommend:

create space: dogs need space of their own. whether it’s a crate, a bed, a chair or a blanket, designating a quiet space for your dog to rest is healthy for both of you. by having his own spot, he will know where to go to get away from the bustle of the family, where to head to feel safe and where he is supposed to sleep. if it happens to smell like you…all the better. 

set boundaries: we recommend you decide ahead of time what the rules are in the house including where your pup is allowed to be. is he allowed on the couch for cuddles and naps or do you want him off the furniture and bonding time will take place on the floor? is he allowed in all rooms, or are there some that are off limits? by thinking this through ahead of time, you’ll avoid sending confusing messages or having to correct an already-established bad habit.

give him his: if there is nothing in the house for him to play with or chew on that’s his, then …we promise…he’ll choose yours. dogs must have an outlet for their chewing, biting, sniffing, snorting, and digging instincts. exercise outdoors is one way to help engage these behaviors, but your dog will still need a variety of toys and chews available – ideally on rotation so he doesn’t get bored with any of them. this will better protect your beloved shoes, socks and couch cushions.

set him up for success: training is a huge part of teaching a dog how to be a member of your household, but there are other ways to set him up for success as well. create a schedule for him so he knows what to expect from his routine throughout the day. groom him regularly so he doesn’t shed as much and smells as good as the rest of your house. and, when possible, buy fabrics and flooring that can stand up to the usual wear and tear of daily dog use.

your dog is part of your family and your house is his home. be sure to create a loving and nurturing environment where being a dog is okay because, well, that’s why you got a dog!