what is upcycling?


reduce. reuse. recycle. sound familiar?  this was the drumbeat of environmental awareness throughout the past few decades.  although this is a phrase the EPA will never abandon, protecting our environment has evolved past slogans into a conversation about how businesses and individuals alike can incorporate sustainability into their daily practices.  this evolution has coined many buzz words such as “eco-friendly,” “triple bottom line” and the topic of today’s blog: “up-cycling.”

what is up-cycling?  is it simply recycling done at high elevation?  nope!  it’s a concept separate from recycling. recycling is a process that returns materials to a previous state.  up-cycling, on the other hand, is “reusing discarded objects or materials in such a way to creation a product of a higher quality or value that the original.”  (yep, that’s what your crafty friend who turned all of those old wine bottles into a “chandelier” was doing.)

not crafty?  up-cycling doesn’t have to be pinterest-worthy.  your grandma was up-cycling when she turn old feed sacks into a new dress during the depression.  you dad up-cycled when he made planters out of old coffee cans in the 70’s.  and you up-cycle every time you clean and remove the label from a mason jar to use for food storage.  projects can be practical or highly artistic but no matter how you do it, up-cycling is an incredibly valuable practice for us all to incorporate into our lives.  so important, in fact, we developed our brand around the concept!

we are very proud to offer beautiful, durable and machine-washable dog bed duvets that incorporate user up-cycling.  our duvets are meant to be filled with your own old garments, towels and pillows, giving your pup a soft, scent-familiar place to rest. and in case you need some creative inspiration, here are some other up-cycled ideas on what you can put in your molly mutt duvet!

so don’t be intimidated by that crafty-friend who makes up-cycling look like a fine art, it’s not.  up-cycling is simply getting the most we possibly can out of a product or material.  like that white sweater you spilled red wine on last week… that would make a great filler for your new molly mutt dog bed!  (or just dye the whole thing red and bam, you have a new red sweater!)  however you do it, you can’t go wrong with up-cycling!

feeling inspired?  here is one site and two articles full of up-cycling ideas:

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pattern play: 100,000 fireflies and the dogs who love them

no matter the season, our 100,000 fireflies outdoor duvet conjures daydreams of tall mountains, long hikes, crackling campfires and an evening under the stars. a fabric full of adventure, it makes us want to pack up our camper and hit the road with the pups in tow every time we look at it.









and whether you are in the heart of the woods or in your own backyard, this water-resistant duvet is durable, washable and stuff-able with all the smells of home and comfort. it will be your dog’s favorite spot to rest no matter where in the world you are!

these beautiful photos are from @mycaninelife – our very first brand ambassador!! they also made this awesome video:

why your dog needs a den


having our dogs share our personal space is one of the many joys of pet ownership.  from sleeping in bed with us to friendly bathroom visits, there is no denying that our dogs love being near us!  based on this behavior, it’s easy to assume that co-existing in our human spaces is best for the dog but that is not the case.  in reality, your dog needs a den.

why does my dog need a den?  it’s a dog, not a wolf…

believe it or not, your pup descended from a linage of wild canids that have been on this earth for millions of years but were only domesticated in the past few hundred years!  in turn our dogs have ancient wild instincts deep within them, including the instinct to burrow in dens.  (ever find your pup curled up in the corner of your closet when guests come over?  she’s not being rude, it’s instinctual.)  dens provide a safe refuge for your dog when she is stressed, tired or just needs to escape from the world, promoting both mental and physical wellness.

what is a den?  she already has a dog bed…

a dog den is so much more than a dog bed.  it is a sanctuary where our dogs can retreat to for quiet, rest and a sense of security.  unlike dog beds, dens are enclosed creating a true “home away from home” for our dogs.  dens should be placed out-of-the-way in the home’s common space, as they are not meant to isolate the dog but simply provide a personal and quiet refuge for her amongst her beloved humans.  this den should be off limits to other pets, children and family members, making a true sanctuary for canine r&r.  the easiest and most common form of a dog den is none other than the puppy favorite – a crate!

but crates are ugly…

yes, yes they are.  however, a true den is a place with shelter and walls that evokes a sense of enclosed security for your dog so they are indeed necessary to fulfill your dog’s innate desire to have den.  don’t fret, design diva! molly mutt crate covers are the perfect way to mask a dog crate and create a cozy (and even chic) den for your pup.  with over ten durable and gorgeous pattern options, you won’t have to sacrifice style to deck out this den! 

why does my dog need a bed?

it’s true your dog can sleep anywhere. prime examples? here are some of our favorites from i.imgur.com and google images:

3-19-15-dogs-who-totally-forgot-how-to-bed14 3-19-15-dogs-who-totally-forgot-how-to-bed18-590x442

enhanced-buzz-22213-1342467857-3 enhanced-buzz-25456-1342469572-4

                                                                                                                                                                          but, despite the very awkward and uncomfortable places they choose to lay their heads, they still need a bed of their own.

1// support and comfort

dog beds serve to cushion your dog’s body from the hard, ungiving floor. young joints, tired from a day of play, as well as old joints, stiff and sore from a life well lived ,can both appreciate a soft place to lay down that lets their body rest comfortably.

this support can also help stop the formation of callouses and hygromas. callouses are the hard, hairless patches of skin, normally on elbows and hips, that develop from constant contact with a hard surface. hygromas are soft, subcutaneous swellings filled with fluid that develop over a pressure point due to the trauma of constantly lying on hard surfaces.

2// warm and cold

a dog bed keeps your dog’s body off the cold floor or hot pavement. it helps her regulate her body temperature and remain comfortable during sleep. just because your pup has fur, doesn’t mean she can get a good night’s rest if she’s too hot or too cold. you can even take the added step of using a bed that is stuffed with wool, a material that naturally warms your dog in the winter and cools her in the summer!

3// hair and odor control

no matter how clean your dog is or how often you brush her, most of the time she will still shed and she will still smell like a dog. by providing a place that is hers and hers alone, you can reduce the amount of places she chooses to rest. in doing so, you’ll reduce the number of areas in your house that look and smell like they belong to the dog.

4// furniture and personal pace

in the same vein as number 3, protecting your furniture and your personal space is a big benefit of providing your dog with a bed of her own. we recommend you train your dog to go to her bed when you are doing other basic training. she will quickly learn where her space is and where your space is. this will also ensure you both get a better night’s sleep. most dogs don’t sleep as soundly as humans do, so every time you move, your pup wakes up. and for you, having the space to stretch out in bed may be just what the doctor ordered!

5// space and security

we all like a place we can call our own and your dog is no different. households can be busy places. providing a place where your dog can go lay down, away from the hustle and bustle (but still in the same room where you spend most of your time) will help your dog reduce stress, rest when she needs to and enjoy some needed alone time.