how to mix and match patterns like a pro

mixing patterns in design and fashion can be intimidating, but when done well it has the power to elevate any room or outfit!  while this practice may seem only for bohemian-types, it is actually something that creates visual depth no matter the personal style.  from kate spade’s preppy pairings of stripes and polka dots, to... Continue Reading →

molly mutt duvets are made from 100% natural cotton, so you and your dog can rest easy.

color code: the secret meaning of colors

we live in a deliciously diverse world full of different cultures, languages and social contracts.  there are few things that are consistent across humanity.  mathematics are one, as 1 + 1 = 2 everywhere you go.  and another unifying (and arguably more fun) concept across the planet is color.  while a boy in spain will say... Continue Reading →

stylish decor and pets can coexist

we recently came across a great piece on entitled ‘stylish decor and pets can coexist.’  while this is a ‘duh-squared’ statement in the molly mutt office, we love to see the doggy-friendly decor gospel being spread nationwide!  read’s interview with interior designers, including hgtv’s vern yip, and incorporate these designs into your own... Continue Reading →

can your dog bed do this?

most dog beds can't stand up to the use and abuse of life with a dog. digging, nesting, sleeping,'s a rough life. but the molly mutt bed takes it in stride and keeps on going. check out this durability test!

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