upcycle this: packaging

some of the best gifts are definitely homemade.  it makes people feel special when they know you have taken the time to make them something.  and while the gift itself DEFINITELY matters…packaging really is tantamount to almost everything.

and here we have yet another opportunity to take something that normally would be thrown away & turn it into something RAD.

both of these examples are from my own archives/craft memoirs. the first i did by saving up bonne maman jam jars for awhile, and then i put granola in them as gifts for friends staying in town!


and for this second example, i was asked to make take home wedding favors for a friend and i had to figure out a way for people to easily carry buttery cookies home!  i found these cd sleeves in our office (that had probably been sitting there since 2009…i can’t remember the last time i burned a CD — which is tragic on another level, but i’ll leave that topic for another day.)  needless to say, this packaging cost basically nothing. and it’s pretty freaking adorbz (*patting myself on the back*)


bottom line?  you can do amazing things with stuff you would normally throw away!

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