pattern play: read my mind

some songs are epic & will be with you forever.  this probably isn’t one of those songs.  but it is perfect for a car trip.

and in case you might be interested – of all the patterns i have drawn at this point (over 57!) this one is still my favorite.  why you may ask?

a) i am a book NERD.  on such a level that i won’t even entertain the idea of using a kindle.  books must be HELD, their spines must be CRACKED, respect must be PAID…i am fighting a losing battle.
b) design-wise, other than dream lover, is the most intricate pattern i have ever drawn. and trying to figure out where to make the repeat, so no fabric would be wasted during cutting…let’s just say, it was pretty mc escher-esque around my brain for weeks after the design was finished.  the dork in me LOVED it.Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 11.31.47 AM
and our very fashionable model for read my mind are indy & dolly

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