love: for the humans vol. 1, the office

because who DOESN’T need another list of stuff enticing you to spend money on the interwebz?

i can’t help myself.  i fill up invisible shopping carts to the TOP, and then shut down my browser & step AWAY from my computer for a spelll (c’mon, i know i’m not alone on this one…)

this post is sponsored by…THE OFFICE (because that happens to be the show i have streaming episode – after episode – after episode in the background.  thanks netflix.) i’ll go ahead & admit it in advance, most of these items would only be providing my dream office aesthetic & are clearly choosing form over function.  what can i say? the-office

1. amazing lamp, $120    2. storage chest, $70 (i want this for the office, my apartment, everywhere!)  3. clock, $28 (i could do a whole post on clocks)    4. library cards, $8     5. toolbox, $60  6. binder, $20    7. modular stacking cubbies, $25-55 (no words for how much i love this. especially the wasabi option!)

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