old dog bed tutorial #2: potholders

expanding on our previous tote tutorial (which can be found here), here is another easy sewing project you can make from your old dog bed fabric!potholders

instructions pdf here

finished size: 9.5” length x 7.5“ width
seam allowance: .25”

1.  scraps for the front – 9″ wide (length will vary) – this is the creative part & you can use as many or as few as you want!
2.  muslin or plain cotton (to sew your scraps on) – 8.5″ x 11″
3.  fabric for the reverse side – 10″ x 8″
4.  thin cotton batting – 10″ x 8″
5.  heat resistant batting (can be bought at any fabric store or on amazon!) – 10″ x 8″


lay first scrap on muslin
a.  place second piece on first one, right sides together
b.  stitch a 1/2 inch seam. press second piece down towards bottom of uncovered fabric
c.  place third piece on the second one, right sides together. stitch a 1/2 inch seam. press third piece down towards bottom
d.  trim this top piece to 10” x 8”
Potholder--first-patch-piece-on        Potholder-top-two-pieces-ready-to-sew

Potholder---top-two-pieces-together     Potholder--top-patched-together
you now have four 10” x 8” pieces: top (the pieced one), the back, the thin cotton batting and the heat resistant batting.

make a stack of these pieces in this order:Potholder--order-of-stack
1. thin cotton batting (bottom)
2. top (right side up)
3. back (right side down, facing top right side)
4. heat resistant batting (top)


pin together and stitch 1/2′ seam, leaving an opening on the bottom about 3” wide to turn it.

Potholder-clip-cornertrim batting edges close to the seams. clip corners off. turn right-side out and press, pressing in the opening to make the edges meet.

Potholder--pinned-for-top-sewingpin the seams to hold the pieces in place. stitch down one or both sides of each seam where the scraps meet. edge stitch around the whole potholder.
you’re done!!


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