old dog bed tutorial #3: zipper pouch #1

zipper-pouchzipper-poucheswhen your dog bed has seen better days & you are ready to get a new one – make a few zipper pouches out of the old one! depending on the size duvet you have, and how big you want to make your bag, you can make anywhere from 6 – a LOT of zipper pouches!before you can really get started, you need to rip apart your old duvet. all you need to do is cut through the piping & cut all the way around, so you can get 2 large pieces of fabric (one from the top, one from the bottom.) (you can also salvage the 5” gusset, and use it for another project in the future!)

zipper – you can use any size, for this tutorial, i used a 9” zipper.zipper-pouch-(1-of-13)

outer fabric (cut from your dog bed)
based on the length of your zipper, cut 2 panels out of your old dog duvet.
for instance-if you have a 9” zipper, cut 2 pieces of fabric 9” wide by whatever length suits you! for this tutorial, i made the length 6”.
i cut 2 pieces that are 9” x 6”.

lining fabric
choose a thin cotton as your interior-otherwise it will be difficult to sew the zipper on. cut the same size as the outer fabric.

zipper end covers (use the lining fabric for these)
1.5” x 3” – cut 2

take your zipper end cover and iron in half. and then iron a 1/4” seam on both sides.


cover the end of your zipper & sew along the edge, to seal the ends. do this with the other zipper end cover too.

zipper-pouch-(5-of-13)make a fabric sandwich. lay the outer fabric face UP. lay the zipper face DOWN on top of that. lay the lining fabric on top of that, face DOWN.
all you want to align is the TOP of these 3 items.  you will notice that the top of the zipper end covers will peek over the top, which is fine.  sew along the zipper using your zipper foot.
zipper-pouch-(6-of-13)flip the outer fabric over, and iron right by the zipper teeth. it will look like this.zipper-pouch-(7-of-13)
zipper-pouch-(8-of-13)zipper sandwich part 2 (you’re almost there!) lay your other piece of outer fabric face UP. lay the zipper (with the other bits sewn on it) face DOWN along the edge that has not be sewn. lay the lining fabric on top, face DOWN. remember, just align the tops of these 3 pieces.
when you are done, iron again & top stitch for an extra classy look

now it’s time to wrap it up! open the zipper half way (this is for later, but do it now!)

take the two outer pieces and pin them together, good sides facing each other. the zipper will be folded at the teeth. now pin the lining fabric together. you are going to sew all the way around (leaving a 2” gap at the bottom of the lining, so you can turn everything)zipper-pouch-2

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