love: secret menus for our dogs!

did you know there are some food places that have special off-menu items for dogs?! how awesome is that!
these are the favs of my 2 pigs – who now get excited pretty much any time we get in the car! (though they have to do a bit of exercise after these fast food treats…)Screen-Shot-2015-08-23-at-7.40.05-PMshake shack – besides having amazing burgers for humans, they have a few items for dogs which are amazing!  the pooch-ini has custard, a dog biscuit & peanut butter sauce. they also have dog biscuits made by bocce’s bakery, called a bag o’ bones.

pets4sprinkles cupcakes – has a dog only cupcake! it’s even sugar free!

in-n-outin-n-out – we all know that in-n-out has an extensive secret menu.  what i didn’t know is that they had something for my 2 best friends (bean & pickle.)  order a “pup patty” next time you are there to get your dog an unsalted & unseasoned hamburger patty.

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