old dog bed tutorial #4: full apron

first we did a tutorial on how to turn your old dog bed into a tote, then into potholders, and now we doing one on how to make a full apron!0-apron-finishedinstructions pdf here
pattern pdf here

1.  main body of apron: a piece 38″ x 14″ – which you can piece together using top & bottom of your duvet
2.  pocket: a piece of fabric 19″ x 12″
3.  tie: 2″ x 100″ – which you will need to piece together. it’s easiest if you use the gusset on your duvet for this!
4. print pattern: make sure when you print this, that you DO NOT SCALE and that from adobe reader, you choose “poster” as your print option. to make it super easy to piece together, print in color, so that you can match up shapes when taping the pattern together

cutting instructions
a.  cut the main piece by placing the pattern ON THE FOLD. when you are done cutting you will unfold the main piece into one large pieceApron--Main-Piece-Cut-Outb.  cut the pocket piece 19″ x 12″
c.  cut the tie 2″ wide and long enough that when pieced equals 100″ minimum

sewing instructions: main apron piece
a.  unfold the main apron piece
b.  fold over 1/2 inch toward the wrong side of the fabric. stitch top & bottom first. then do both long sides.

c.  zigzag stitch the diagonal sides (to keep it from fraying)

d. press the diagonal sides down 1/4″ to the wrong side & edge stitch

e. press the diagonal sides down ANOTHER 1″ to the wrong side & stitch down, close the edge

sewing instructions: pocket
a.  zigzag all four edges

b.  fold over 1/2″ toward the wrong side of the fabric on all four sides. stitch down an additional 1/4″ on the top of the pocket

Apron---Pocket-Placementc.  pin pocket to main piece of apron, placing 6 inches from the bottom edge of the apron & centering it between the two sides. stitch close the edge on the sides & bottom. stitch again 1/4″ from the first stitching

d. ***optional*** using chalk or marking pen, mark vertically down the pocket 8.5″ from the left side. sew on this line to make the large pocket into two pockets.

sewing instructions: tie
a.  piece together enough 2″ wide strips to make at least 100″
b.  fold over 1/2″ toward the center on both sides.


c.  fold in half. turn in ends. stitch along both edges

d. using a safety pin or knitting needle, pull the tie thru the diagonal casings, starting at the bottom on one side

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