upcycle this: plastic toy jars

so while i don’t have kids, i do for some strange reason, have quiet a few plastic toys in my house. basically junk that should have thrown away many spring cleanings ago…
and then – THANKS pinterest & any number of blogs that show you how to do this, i used land of nams (but in short, glue the animal on the lid, spray paint, you’re done!)

i now am not even kidding – i make these awesome jars updates like i am running a side business. i use them for EVERYTHING in my house. cotton ball jar. makeup brush jar. filled with candy for friends. perfume samples. and on and on and on.  below are some of my “creations”…yet another opportunity to turn old junk into new awesomeness (for the record, turning these into AWESOME jars made me keep the jars – which normally i would have tossed into recycling. a win-win!)

trust me – this is WAY more fun than it looks! incredibly addicting.

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