are your dog beds chew proof?

we get this question a lot and the answer isn’t a simple yes/no.

no – we cannot guarantee your dog won’t chew through a bed.  yes – we’ve had many customers say their dog stopped chewing beds after switching to the molly mutt bed.

see, your dog’s favorite scent is you! so, when you stuff your dog bed with your old clothes, pillows, etc. it creates both a comfortable and comforting spot for your pup.

and if you’re reading this blog post you probably have a dog that you absolutely adore and want to totally pamper. you want your pup to have a great dog bed, one that will make him or her feel comfy and safe, yet look super fashionable and is easy to maintain.

a chew-proof dog bed would be an ideal investment. well, savvy pet owner, look no further because molly mutt beds are the dog beds dog love.

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stuff your bed

simply stuff your molly mutt bed with your old clothes, towels, pillows, etc.

smells like you

your dog’s favorite scent? it’s you! as a result, this is the dog bed dogs love.

comfortable and comforting

rest easy. molly mutt
beds are durable, washable,
and as you can see, loveable.

our molly mutt beds are made from 100% cotton canvas and our outdoor beds are made from a tough and durable, water-resistant polyester.  they are the epitome of canine style, with over 25 unique duvet cover designs to choose from to fit your tastes.

not only that, but they are 100% washable as well — just throw your duvet in the wash (on cold) and voilá!

it’s quite an indestructible dog bed, but — as they say — dogs will be dogs.

so, try to soothe and calm your pet with a dog bed that smells just like you. it’s as close to a chew-proof dog bed as you will find, and that’s our guarantee.

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