goodbye, bella. we love you immeasurably.

bella was the homepage of molly mutt 1.0 and can still be seen in product shots around the current site.

we love our company, we love our customers, and we love our dogs. we wouldn’t be here without them, and we wouldn’t be here without you.

macy, reb, and bella are more than just the face of molly mutt.  they are the heart of our company and our business. these 3 dogs appeared on packaging and press releases, patrolled our office, and reminded us why we love what we do — and who we do it for. they were the inspiration for the creation of our business in 2008.

a few years ago, we lost macy and reb in the same exact week. today, we had to say goodbye to our magnificent bella. our hearts are broken as we ponder life without the little white dog who set the tone and kept us all in line.  she’ll always remain at the core of all we do.

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