Four Ways Old Clothes Make Your Dog Happy

old clothes

Ah, Pinterest. Our old friend is a wealth of DIY inspiration. Granted, most of it we would never in a million years do, but it’s inspiring none-the-less. In reality, we believe the basic criteria to a good DIY idea are these three things: do we like it? Yes. Do we need it? Maybe. Is it easy? Absolutely!

That said, below are four wonderful (and easy) ways to upcycle your clothes to make your dog happy!

1// DIY Dog Collar from PetFinder

This idea is so easy you don’t even need written directions. Just follow the one step below (two if you count buttoning as a step, which obviously we don’t) and your dog will be more dapper than ever.

DIY Collar TopDIY Collar Bottom

2// DIY Ball and Tug Toy from

Never ones to miss out on a chance to chase, tug and chew, our pups love this toy. It’s definitely not for heavy chewers, unless you make it out of very tough material like denim, but it’s easy to make, smells like you and keeps a little cash in your pocket. Win, win, win.

Tug toy  

3// DIY Dog Sweater from DIY Gift World 

This might be our favorite of the bunch. Definitely for small dogs, a quick snip off your sleeve and you’re in business.


4// DIY Dog Boots from Romp Rescue 

Okay, we may have broken our rules just little bit on this one. Not quite as easy as the first three, it definitely requires a little bit of skill. But we love this one – it keeps your dog’s paws safe from the cold, ice and salt in the winter, and the heat in the summer.


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