Earth Day 2016 by the Numbers


Two million pounds and counting!!

Okay – so we don’t have an actual count of how much stuff our consumers have used to fill the insides of their molly mutt beds since February 2009. But if we use a little back-of-the-napkin math, we know we’ve sold enough beds to need 990 tons of upcycled fabric for filling or just shy of 2 million pounds. That’s a lot of old clothes, pillows and blankets you all have kept out of our landfills by using a molly mutt bed!

so this Earth Day we wanted to celebrate with some fun facts you can use tonight at the dinner table:

with the amount of fabric you have kept out of the landfills, we could

  • fill 930 airstream trailers
  • stuff 2.5 airplanes
  • build 110 tyrannosaurus rex

and although these numbers feel big and bold and wonderful to say, we sometimes need reminders of how it’s the little things that add up to these big statements. Here are some of our favorite ways customers use the molly mutt duvet to make their lives simpler, roomier and less cluttered – quite an achievement in today’s world:

  • many city dwellers, mainly the crafty New Yorker type, use their molly mutt duvets as a place to store their winter clothes in the summer, and their summer clothes in the winter. what a great way to create closet space!
  • turns out dressers have 3 drawers – and not just the top one we all use! there are two more that are so crammed with stuff you can barely open the drawers. the less you have the more you’ll use (because you can find it), so share with the dog.
  • we know, we know – you love it when you dog sleeps with you on the bed. but many people love re-capturing their bed. molly mutt really is the dog bed dogs love – and they love it so much that many happ(ier) couples tell us that their pooch now cuddles for awhile and then moseys off to sleep on their molly mutt bed. they get the scent they crave and everyone gets the space they love
  • garages were built for cars – not for all of our other stuff! by repurposing those old sleeping bags, comforters, towels and ski pants into molly mutt beds, space can be found for even the largest SUV!

thank you for helping molly mutt make the dog bed dogs love. Earth Day is a great time to think about all the little things we can do to help our neighbors and help our world.

we’d love for you to share your molly mutt story. head over to Facebook and tell us what you stuffed your bed with – and what you did with the space you created! or just post a photo on Instagram and tag it #mollymutt!

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