Four DIY Reasons to Hang Outside with Your Dog This Summer

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if your pups are anything like ours, summer means endless days exploring, playing, guarding and sleeping in the backyard. coming inside is not an option…unless it’s to eat and then return to their little plot of green heaven behind our house. and to be honest, the only place we want to be during the summer is out there with them.

and that’s where this month’s upcycled diy projects come in – we’ve rounded up four awesome ideas that will keep you comfortable and entertained during those long, hazy days sunbathing with your pup. who needs tv or air conditioning when you’ve got your best friend to spend the day with.

55ae9f60bd8f5$!x900project #1 – diy rope ottomans

can we PLEASE make these this weekend!?! spread ’em out or stack ’em up, either way they are the perfect accessory for a gathering of friends or a solo book reading session.

so easy to make! check out the full instructions at Style Me Pretty.


mason_jar_mosquito_repellantproject #2 – all natural mason jar mosquito repellant

we love this idea – functional and beautiful. there’s nothing worse than a relaxing evening cut short by mosquitos. follow the directions over at Tip Hero and see for yourself how quickly this beautiful project can save the night.



project #3 – diy birdfeederbird feeder

we love when summer is in full effect and nature is happily going about its business. we even like to help things along – mainly in the realm of gardening and birdfeeders. this sweet little project takes about three minutes to put together – such a small investment for a summer filled with beautiful birds. you can get step by step instructions over at 2 Bees in a Pod.


project #4 – diy giant summer jengajenga

our final diy project is all fun and games. this huge, life-sized game of jenga just screams summer fun and is so easy to make. everything you need to know is over at City Moms Blog Dallas.

so grab your pup, put on your shades and build yourself a wonderful summer!

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