four must-haves for the perfect outdoor dog bed

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there’s nothing quite like the lazy days of summer to make nap time sound good any time! but what makes a great outdoor dog bed? we have four factors we never compromise on when creating our outdoor duvets – so we thought we’d share.

1. durable: this is a no-brainer. the backyard is a rough and tumble place for a dog bed so it has to be able to stand up to mother nature, your dirty dog and any other surprises that come its way. the fabric should be woven extra tight (like ours) and sun-resistant (also like ours).

2. water resistant: also a must, water resistant fabric can handle rain, sprinklers, drool, water bowl spills and more. another water-focused factor is that any outdoor bed should be fully machine washable, inside and out. with molly mutt duvets, you can throw everything in when the hot smells of summer get to be too much.

3. eco-friendly: nothing reminds you to save the planet more than spending a little time outside. when buying products – outdoor beds or otherwise – choose wisely. brands that have taken the time to reduce the negative impact they have on the world are worth considering. whether they recycle, upcycle, or reuse, they have found a valuable way to offer you guilt-free consumption.

4. beautiful: you have spent time building a deck, yard or garden that you love. that beckons to you. and because of that, you love spending your time outside. don’t clutter your space with things that don’t enhance that beauty. patterns for dog beds are plentiful, but find one that speaks to you and makes you as happy as it makes your dog.

Now get outside and take a nap!

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