pattern play: papillion (and the dogs who love it!)


“the world turns too fast, feel love before it’s done.”

when life seems to be flying by, it’s normally our dogs that help us stop to take a breath. their quiet (sometimes) presence reminds us of what’s important and how we want our lives to be. we find ourselves daydreaming about being transported to somewhere exotic, relaxing on a beach, slowing time down to enjoy.

but when you can’t pack up your bags and head out on an adventure, our Moroccan-inspired papillion duvet can bring a taste of the exotic into your home. with vibrant colors, this rich, bold design is perfect for so many rooms in your house. we have nothing else even close, design-wise!

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you can find more pictures of these beautiful pups on their Instagram accounts, in order from left to right: @banditandleo_cairnadventures, @2gingerdogs, @foodhussy, @pea_and_pretz, @cocoandleothefrenchies and @leftcoastlexie. a big thanks to each of them for being molly mutt fans!

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