25 Things You Can Use to Stuff a Dog Bed


Dog beds come in so many shapes and sizes, but the best kind of bed is the one you can customize to be safe, clean, comfortable and smelling just like you!

Instead of foam, polystyrene or cotton batting, all of which are hard to clean and may contain toxic chemicals, using a molly mutt duvet lets you use fabrics you know from around the house. Get a little creative and upcycle all the fabrics you love to make a dog bed that is completely washable and made just for your pup.

Need a little creative push? Here are some of our favorite items we use to stuff our duvets – you can mix, match and use as much as you want to make the bed the perfect nest for your dog’s next nap:

stuff sack
molly mutt stuff sack makes washing easy!


  • sweaters
  • t-shirts
  • sweatshirts/pants
  • pajamas
  • robes
  • fleece coats


  • bed pillows
  • body pillows
  • couch cushions
  • couch pillow inserts


  • blankets
  • quilts
  • sheets
  • foam bed toppers
  • old dog beds


  • bath towels
  • bath mats
  • beach towels
  • wash cloths
  • hand towels


  • aprons
  • stuffed animals
  • curtains
  • area rugs
  • tablecloths

Need a little more help? Check out our Stuff Your Bed page for all of our duvet dimensions and example “recipes” of stuffing that will fill each one. It’s as easy as Stuff. Sniff. Snooze.

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