we’re a mutty bunch!

2014-02-01 11.01.01it’s probably not hard to guess, but molly mutt is more than just the name of our business; it’s a declaration of love. mutts have filled our lives, making them richer, fuller and so much more fun – with the likes of pickle, bean and bacon, there is no room for boredom or loneliness in our homes!

and to be clear, to us, “mutt” isn’t a type of dog. a mutt is every dog. from the shaggy, scruffy mixes, to the sleek, shiny pure breds, they are all mutts to us because it’s about the undeniable love – of unknown origin – that compels us to share our homes and beds with them, feed and care for them, and come to see life as complete only if they are a part of it.

this summer in celebration of National Mutt Day we decided to honor some of our favorite kinds of mutts. what kind of mutt are you in love with?

mutt-day-curious mutt-day-velcro (1) 250px-mutt-day-rough-and-tumble 250px-mutt-day-loveable 250px-mutt-day-joyful 250px-mutt-day-adventurous

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