A Quick Cuddle to Celebrate National Dog Day!

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today is national dog day – a day made for the sole purpose of celebrating the furry one in your life. we know, you show them love each and every single day, but today let’s really show them we care! together, let’s take the opportunity to cuddle, comfort, snuggle, pet, and love them to thank them for the joy they bring into our lives every day.

every single dog out there wants someone to love and to love them back. they want to be held, feel relief from the stress and anxiety in their lives – it’s hard work protecting you and your home from the imminent threat the Fedex delivery person poses – and they want to experience the ultimate feeling of coziness when they curl up [next to you] during their morning/afternoon/evening naps. it is up to you to give them those things, and we encourage you to give that to them today. hang out with your pup today — be present and giving — let them sit and lay on you if that’s what they want to do, take them out for a nice walk and then let them rest while you take care of the rest. show them the ultimate comfort today, and let all their worries fade away!

national dog day is certainly about celebrating the lives of our furry best friends at home, but it’s also to acknowledge those who haven’t yet found their forever homes. it is a day that’s meant to bring attention to the plight so many animals face on a day-to-day basis. more importantly, to inspire everyone who is considering bringing a four-legged addition into their home — to always consider adoption first. no matter the breed or mix, every dog deserves a warm and loving home.

national dog day was founded in 2004 by pet & family lifestyle expert and animal advocate, colleen paige, also the founder of national puppy day, national mutt day and national cat day and many more philanthropic days.

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