pattern play: bleecker street and the dogs who love it


“fog’s rollin’ in off the East River bank; like a shroud it covers Bleecker Street; fills the alleys where men sleep; hides the shepherd from the sheep”


a stroll down Bleecker Street with Simon and Garfunkel feels warmly familiar like a walk down the block and around the neighborhood with your dog by your side. and yet there is something mystical and unknowable about the folk lyrics that remind you of all the hidden meanings in life and the undeniably magical relationship you have with your dog. i mean, how can another animal know and understand you so well, and yet not understand most of the words you say? 

in our inspired Bleecker Street duvet pattern, we bring to life the neighborhood every dog wishes they lived in! with coral colored steaks & ham bones, green trees, puffy white clouds, and an amazing tan dog house — what’s not to love?

beevolmar     bongo_dachshund_dog

bundyandbaxter_beagles     croquettethecorgi

emmy985837     llylock

you can find more pictures of these beautiful pups on their instagram accounts, in order from left to right: @beevolmar@bongo_dachshund_dog@bundyandbaxter_beagles, @croquettethecorgi, @emmy985837, and @llylock. a big thanks to each of them for being molly mutt fans!

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