Our Three New Dog Bed Duvet Patterns and the Models Who Love Them!


our favorite time of year comes with the launch of our newest patterns: it’s always a rush to see these beautiful textiles go from doodles in our daydreams to real beds our pups can lounge on. and so, with a nod to the past and eye on the horizon, we are proud to introduce:

i am not a robot: remember our pattern ‘mr. roboto?’ well, he’s back! kind of. new colors and a rearranged design of this molly mutt classic mean he’s been upgraded to version 2.0.

elephant parade: inspired by the majestic elephants of asia, this pattern has a forest green background with elephants in red, yellow, and light blue.

 time after time: a beautiful floral scene on a background of tan — the color from ‘wild horses.’

 Summer with ‘i am not a robot’ 

29821292092_ed9d9bcd2c_zSummer is a 4 year old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Mix, she was adopted from the San Francisco SPCA when she was 9 months old. her parents went to an adoption event to window shop and not to buy.  they were struck by Summer’s smile and had to bring her home immediately.

when she is not dog dreaming 🙂 she loves to play and meet every dog of all sizes and shapes.  her arch nemesis are squirrels who taunt her with their fluffy tails and their need to torture dogs. although she weighs 49 lbs she knows the real boss at home is her feline sister, Olive, who is a gorgeous Siamese.

 Theo with ‘elephant parade’

29935231975_940b632303_zmeet Theo, a 2 year old dachshund who has a few true loves other than his family.  he loves to sleep and snuggle with you and he LOVES to watch Scooby Doo! “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids.”  Theo is very playful with other dogs and has a best friend named Rocco.  they are inseparable and play together everyday! Theo’s other favorite pastimes include swimming in the pool and sun bathe.  his favorite indulgences include chicken, potatoes and salmon.

Avery with ‘time after time’


in just one year Avery has already lived quite the life – but unfortunately we don’t know much about it! his parents rescued him from a dog “halfway house” where he was living after an adoption agency saved him from a kill shelter. when he came to live with his new parents in Los Angeles, Will and Kate, he had to learn how to mark his territory (outside), sleep through the night, and share toys with his new big brother, a Lhasa Apso mix, named Oscar.

now Avery fits in perfectly with the rest of the family! he loves to play and wakes up every morning energized and ready to bounce around the house. he loves to wrestle with Oscar, but is mostly known for his heart of gold and willingness to sit quietly on your lap and snuggle all night.

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