11 reasons your dog’s crate pad should be made of wool


undeniably popular in the baby diapering world, the health benefits of wool can easily cross over into the realm of pet bedding and we decided it was about time to make that happen! we are excited to introduce our new crate pads stuffed with wool from a sheep farm here in California! with a list as long as your dog’s tail (assuming your dog has a tail) of natural features , these new pads are perfect for any resting or sleeping pup!

  1. 100% naturalwcp54
  2. naturally cooling
  3. naturally warming
  4. naturally anti-bacterial
  5. naturally dirt resistant 
  6. naturally water-repellant
  7. powerfully absorbent
  8. wicks away moisture from the surface
  9. chemical and pesticide free
  10. anti-microbial 
  11. self-cleaning

look at that list! and because wool has all these features, it naturally eliminates the smells of dog, drool and urine – allowing more time between cleaning. not that you really need more time between cleaning since it’s such an easy thing to do – simply remove the wool insert, set it outside in the sun, and toss the duvet into the wash!

we still can’t believe all of this is in one awesome new product!

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