why does my dog need a bed?

it’s true your dog can sleep anywhere. prime examples? here are some of our favorites from i.imgur.com and google images:

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                                                                                                                                                                          but, despite the very awkward and uncomfortable places they choose to lay their heads, they still need a bed of their own.

1// support and comfort

dog beds serve to cushion your dog’s body from the hard, ungiving floor. young joints, tired from a day of play, as well as old joints, stiff and sore from a life well lived ,can both appreciate a soft place to lay down that lets their body rest comfortably.

this support can also help stop the formation of callouses and hygromas. callouses are the hard, hairless patches of skin, normally on elbows and hips, that develop from constant contact with a hard surface. hygromas are soft, subcutaneous swellings filled with fluid that develop over a pressure point due to the trauma of constantly lying on hard surfaces.

2// warm and cold

a dog bed keeps your dog’s body off the cold floor or hot pavement. it helps her regulate her body temperature and remain comfortable during sleep. just because your pup has fur, doesn’t mean she can get a good night’s rest if she’s too hot or too cold. you can even take the added step of using a bed that is stuffed with wool, a material that naturally warms your dog in the winter and cools her in the summer!

3// hair and odor control

no matter how clean your dog is or how often you brush her, most of the time she will still shed and she will still smell like a dog. by providing a place that is hers and hers alone, you can reduce the amount of places she chooses to rest. in doing so, you’ll reduce the number of areas in your house that look and smell like they belong to the dog.

4// furniture and personal pace

in the same vein as number 3, protecting your furniture and your personal space is a big benefit of providing your dog with a bed of her own. we recommend you train your dog to go to her bed when you are doing other basic training. she will quickly learn where her space is and where your space is. this will also ensure you both get a better night’s sleep. most dogs don’t sleep as soundly as humans do, so every time you move, your pup wakes up. and for you, having the space to stretch out in bed may be just what the doctor ordered!

5// space and security

we all like a place we can call our own and your dog is no different. households can be busy places. providing a place where your dog can go lay down, away from the hustle and bustle (but still in the same room where you spend most of your time) will help your dog reduce stress, rest when she needs to and enjoy some needed alone time.

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