small changes can mean big things for little puppies

i know you didn’t miss it, national puppy day was march 23rd and your instagram feed was full of the sweetest, fluffiest, teeniest puppies you’ve ever seen!  (gah!)  plus it’s spring and you celebrate puppy season the way your boyfriend celebrates baseball season.  (anyone notice that season never ends… ever?… i digress.)  so if you are like me and are perpetually in the market for a new furry friend, you need to get your home puppy-ready should the mood strike you.  it’s not that hard, i promise.  but trust me these few tips are critical for both the puppies and your happiness (re: sanity).

puppy feng shui

reality check.  the thing you love about most about your new puppy is also their greatest weapon of mayhem: they are tiny!  if it is on the floor, close to the floor, can be pulled to the floor or within jumping distance of the floor they will get it.  (this includes shoes.  don’t make this amateur mistake, people.)  put it all on a shelf until they are done teething and / or can be trusted.  this includes covering up low-to-the-ground outlets and cords, removing area rugs, and looking under the bed for the first time since you moved in. make it easy on yourself and simply shut the door to all rooms that are have not undergone “puppy feng shui.”

the nest (aka the den)

whenever i move into a new space (this includes hotel rooms), i like to get my lay of the land, unpack and immediately mark my territory with clothes, toiletries and the smell of my favorite perfume.  i think of it as “nesting,” a term generally reserved for pregnant women but i think it applies here.  similarly, dogs need to understand their home via sniffing and have a space all their own that nurtures comfort and confidence in their new home.  their den should be a soft and quiet space in the main gathering room of the home but off-set from the hub, perhaps in a corner, and other pets and tiny-humans should not be allowed in the den.  it is best practice to crate train your new pup making a perfect place to create a den all their own. the molly mutt sheepy crate pad is the perfect soft solution for accident-prone puppies as they are filled with sheep wool that is naturally anti-microbial.  if sleeping is an issue, we’ve got you covered (literally) with our chic crate covers that can be rolled up and down making their den dark if needed.  (they also dress up less-than-attractive dog crates.)

live by a schedule

having a set schedule is wonderful for new pups as it sets basic expectations that are reinforced daily helping them learn and feel comfortable in their new world.  it also ensures that you make time in your undoubtedly busy life to walk, feed and play with your new family member.  this doesn’t mean a dry-erase board or day-planner (but it can!), it just means being consistent in their activities through out the day.  many mornings will start with an adorable face-licking alarm followed by a trip outside to use the potty, a walk, breakfast and den-time while you get ready for your day.  evenings can look similar – potty, walk, dinner and chill-time (+ final trip outside before bed.) 

we know that if you can incorporate these easy tips into you life, you will be set up for success for being the proud owner of a non-destructive, well-behaved and dearly loved puppy.  happy puppy season, 2017!

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