inspired by song: celebrating dire straits with lattice pattern dog bed

a song so iconic that it has been covered by the killers and the indigo girls alike, “romeo & juliet” by dire straits retells shakespeare’s best-known tragedy.  in this upended version, romeo (frontman mark knopfler) pines after a flighty juliet (his ex-girlfriend) who writes him off as “just another one of [her] deals.”  the grammy winning brit band released the single in 1981 and it has appeared on 90’s soundtracks such as empire records and can’t hardly wait.

opening with a gentle guitar melody similar to the opening chords of their biggest hit “sultans of swing,” the instrumentation is simple during the verses and builds to a rock arrangement during the chorus.  these quiet verses transport the listener to a simpler time (perhaps 16th century verona) where images of a vines crawling up a stone balcony and latticed windows creep into their subconscious.  as the narrative unfolds the deep love and heartbreak of the singer becomes apparent, not unlike that of romeo’s when he believes his beloved has taken her own life. 

although this classic play is traditionally read in high school english it becomes increasingly relevant as we grow up and experience our own epic loves, heartbreaks and losses.  often those that are most supportive, don’t come in human form.  for some, our dogs are our greatest loves and losses in life.  what matters most are those quiet moments spent together, looking out the window at the sky, feeling content.

our “romeo & juliet” duvet pattern features a deep blue behind a white lattice pattern, resembling the window that romeo & juliet first met under.  this pattern is classic, like a shakespearean play, and one of our most popular, like romeo & juliet.  and we promise that your pup will be smitten with the eco-friendly design that encourages you to up-cycle old garments and linens for the duvet stuffing.  its familiar smell will remind your pup daily of the lifelong romance you two share, just like their contented face when they sleep will remind you.

meet the dogs with a love for this pattern that lives up to its name: romeo & juliet

(in order: @adventures.of.roxy.and.zoey, @nikkii.j.cullen, @prestonjenkinsiii, @joyfulgolden, @baxterthebossydachshund, @littlemissveda)

things you’ ll want to do after reading this blog post:

buy the duvet

watch the song performed live (yes, there is a keytar involved)

re-experience the amazing fish tank scene between claire and leo circa 1996

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