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we are probably not the first brand to wish you a happy earth day today, but we are likely the one who means it the most.  while posting about the worldwide holiday on april 22nd is wonderful, truly celebrating and cherishing our earth is a daily effort that is directly linked to our company’s core values. 

the first earth day was a grassroots movement driven by then wisconsin senator gaylord nelson in 1970.  nelson was inspired to create a nation wide “teach-in,” educating citizens on the environment after seeing the damage caused by the 1969 santa barbara oil spill.  the country’s overwhelming participation that day was the first step towards becoming a nation committed to environmental sustainability.  when reflecting upon that day nelson told the epa journal “it was on that day that americans made it clear that they understood and were deeply concerned over the deterioration of our environment and the mindless dissipation of our resources.”

molly mutt + earth day

earth day is a wonderful opportunity for us to express our passion for our planet, so here’t goes!

the molly mutt team is incredibly thankful for sunny days spent at the dog park and rainy days that encourage full-family cuddle puddles on the couch.  we are grateful for trees to pee on and grass to roll in.  we adore the clean air that pumps into our lungs and the dirt that clings to fury legs when out walking. 


but you know as well as we do, saying something does not make it true – doing something does.  so what does molly mutt do to show our love for our beautiful planet?

we create duvet covers that eliminate 100% of the energy and greenhouse gas emissions associated with other bedding.

  • (100%?! say what?!  instead of relying on synthetic fillings molly mutt dog duvets come without stuffing, allowing pet owners to use their old clothing, bedding, pet toys, and other textiles that would otherwise be destined for the landfill for stuffing. that means no additional energy or carbon is used to create the stuffing for our beds.)
  • our transportation-related carbon emissions from shipping are 70% less than other dog bed brands.
  • our duvets and the materials you stuff them with are 100% washer and dyer safe, unlike pre-stuffed beds that are easier to replace than clean.
  • our wool-stuffed crate pads use 100% natural and sustainably sourced california sheep’s wool.
  • molly mutt products are made from 100% natural cotton.

although there are other eco-conscious dog bed brands out there, we are proud to be the industry leaders.  from design to shipping, our commitment to our planet is engrained in everything we do. 

we are thrilled to be releasing a new product later this summer that will revolutionize up-cycling for one household item that is currently not recyclable. 

stay tuned for new ways molly mutt is making life more beautiful and sustainable for humans and dogs alike.

have a beautiful earth day!

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