an ode to dog moms

at molly mutt, we had a thought, with you we’d like to share.

a mom is a mom, no matter what, even to those covered in hair.

mother’s day, is not a day, for moms of humans alone.

it is a day, to celebrate (even if barking prone).

from the love they give, to the support they show.

moms know what’s best, even when it’s ‘no-no.’

she washes the bed, when accidents occur.

and always takes you with her, like a personal chauffeur.

she’s strong and wise, and always kind (except when dad is late)

she is your mom, and loving you, is her chosen fate.

so raise a paw, to all the moms, for everything they do.

and since it is her special day, her shoes remain unchewed.

we know it’s different and don’t mean to be bold,

but we love dog moms, which is why we wrote this ode.

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