inspired by song: time after time

a song so iconic it made rolling stone’s list of the top 100 pop songs of the century, cyndi lauper’s ‘time after time’ means something different to everyone.  for many, it is the audio backdrop to the final dance scene from 90’s classic ‘romy & michelle’s high school reunion.’ for others, this is an anthem of the mid-1980’s that marks first school dances and subsequent heart breaks.  paired with lauper’s appearance on ‘the simpsons’ and mashed up on ‘glee,’ time after time is woven into the fabric of american pop culture and is indeed, timeless.

the subject of ‘time after time’ is open to interpretation as lauper’s well-chosen lyrics never confirm the ballad is about a love interest.  (don’t let this observation keep you from continuing to use this as your go-to breakup song.)  at its core, this song is about goodbyes and what remains after two connected individuals part ways. lauper weaves nostalgic imagery referencing fading pictures, suitcases full of memories and the hands of a moving clock creating a sense of time passing, always coming back to the powerful and recognizable chorus that solidified ‘time after time’ as the friendship anthem it is today. 

“if you’re lost you can look–and you will find me

time after time

if you fall I will catch you–I’ll be waiting

time after time.”

lauper’s song, although seemingly a lamentation, is a celebration of the eternal connection that remains even when circumstances change between loved ones.  she suggests that no matter the reason for separation, the love shared between true friends, lovers and family members is a lifelong connection that needs no maintenance to remain strong and resilient. 

this kind of love is unconditional.  sound familiar?  indeed, unconditional devotion is the nature of all human + canine relationships, which is why molly mutt’s designer molly decided to create a pattern inspired by this song. 

the ‘time after time’ duvet features pink and yellow flowers on a background of tan, not dissimilar to a suitcase filled with colorful pressed flowers that evoke fond memories.  while floral, the muted shades of the pattern keep the ‘time after time’ soft and warm like the easeful ballad that has played in the soundtrack of so many of our lives.

critical next steps

  1. get your own molly mutt ‘time after time’ duvet or wool-filled sheepy bed

      2. view the once cutting edge, now fabulously vintage, ‘time after time’ music video

     3. learn how to pull off the ‘she’s so unusual’ album cover signature cyndi lauper look

photo credit in order of appearance: @adventures_of_bailey_and_knox, @interiorswag, and @mollymayhem

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