a shout out to dog dads

last month we honored dog moms with a flowery ode,

this month a different, tougher, celebration is in mode.

june is the month to celebrate dads.

the guy who scoops the poop and often wears plaid.

he knows when to be quiet, and when to be bold.

dad loves to tell jokes and they never get old.

dad’s ready to play, even when mom’s not.

he throws balls the farthest, to catch is a long shot.

he schleps your bulk food from the trunk to the door.

mowing your playground, is his weekly chore.

dad works hard and comes home beat,

your happiest place is curled up at his feet.

father’s day is no after-thought, or 2nd place prize,

it is an important day to honor a man most wise.

so wag your tail for your awesome dog dad!

(because jumping like that will only make him mad.)

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