inspired by song: our new ‘closer to fine’ pattern

the indigo girls.  love them or hate them, they were a key component of the 90’s female folk rock revolution.  i am willing to go on the record right now as being on the ‘love’ side of this debate, as an enthusiastic attendee of the inaugural lilith fair circa 1997. composed of amy ray and emily saliers, the indigo girls released their self-produced and -titled album in 1989, opening with the subject of this blog post: closer to fine.

arguably their most popular song and a frequent live show encore, closer to fine is a celebratory anthem of inner strength and self-reliance.  the lyrics follow an individual seeking knowledge from archetypal sources: a doctor, a philosopher, and fountains; but ultimately, the subject of the song discovers that releasing doubt and trusting the self is the true salvation she seeks.

there’s more than one answer to these questions pointing me a crooked line,

and the less i seek my source for some definitive, the closer i am to fine.

keeping their music grounded in a friendship that began in elementary school, their lyrics often explore the beautiful dynamics of female friendships and are beloved by strong lady posses worldwide.  closer to fine is a song many know the lyrics to and can relate: like a wild vine breaking through the earth and navigating its way towards sunlight, the journey to finding one own’s path is life-long and filled with beauty along the way.

the (brand new) molly mutt pattern closer to fine is a visualization of that very metaphor.  featuring a pale mint background with light and dark green vines, it was inspired by the branches of an olive tree — a well-known symbol of peace.  with a design inspired by nature, closer to fine is water-resistant and is our first pattern to offer 500-hour sun protection!  this gorgeous and serene pattern is perfect for any outdoor space or a plant-filled home that likes to welcome the outdoors in.

we know you want to…

watch this music video (also a great reminder why mullets never fully came back as an acceptable hairstyle)

go see the indigo girls because they are touring this summer and will play closer to fine

buy a dog bed that fits the decor of your home perfectly

(photo credit goes to: @emily_annevt on IG)

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