inspired by song: our new ‘jitterbug’ pattern

Wake me up before you go go,

Don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo.

british pop duo Wham! exploded on to the UK and USA pop scene in 1984 with their inexplicably upbeat and catchy song ‘jitterbug (wake me up before you go-go)” which quickly climbed to the top of the charts.  in addition to the song, the signature dance performed by frontman george michael in the music video is now accepted as the quintessential dance of the 80’s, riffed on in nearly every john huston film and later by carlton on the fresh prince of belair.  jitterbug is also synonymous with the classic scene from zoolander where the excitement generated from the 80’s hit combined with “orange mocha frappacino” related elation results in a gasoline fight resembling a pillow fight.  we won’t tell you how it ends (#nospoilers), but needless to say this scene exposed younger generations to the glory that is the jitterbug. 

the boy duo, comprised of george michael and andrew ridgeley, went on to make other hits such as “last christmas” and GLBTQ anthem “freedom”, which featured the world’s top supermodels mouthing the lyrics in the video.  by their break-up in 1986, Wham! had sold 28 million records worldwide.  george michael went on to have a successful solo career, albeit controversial at times, up until he died of heart failure at the young age of 53 on Christmas day 2016, capping off what was a truly devastating year for musical legends.

as a lover of his music, molly knew she needed to pay homage to this incredible loss with a design.  the molly mutt pattern jitterbug emulates the chaotic exuberance of the 1980’s hit with a white line that jitters across a salmon-colored background, not unlike that of a jumping yo-yo.  (george wore a salmon sweatshirt in the video… no coincidence.)  the pattern is graphic, joyful and perfect for a home that embraces play (and dance parties)!  we tend to think george would have approved – we love you, george!

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