sustainable living: we love ewe!

we talk a lot about dogs and puppies, two of the cutest things in the world.  but we wanted to give a shout-out to a less popular animal that enchants all of us at molly mutt: sheep.

skeptical?  stick with us for the next 250 characters.

cute 😍

sheep start life impossibly fuzzy like a bird, enjoy prance-dancing and frequently exhibit what seem to be very authentic smiles.  sure we’ve heard they can be a bit surly later in life (we cannot confirm nor deny rumors of spitting), but they make up for it in street-savvy and sheer volume of tangible resources!  bringing me to the next two reasons we love sheep….

smart 💡

contrary to popular belief, studies show that sheep are just as intelligent as their livestock counterparts; pigs and cows.  sheep are capable of long-term recognition, meaning they can recognize faces, names and even emotions.  and if you’ve seen the classic 90’s film Babe, you know sheep can be competitively trained!  additionally, sheep have keen senses including peripheral vision that extends up to 230°, literally giving them “eyes in the back of their heads.”  (something even mom can’t truly claim.)

valuable 💰

sheep’s wool is the most widely used animal fiber worldwide.  (yep, more than leather.)  and it is a truly divine natural fiber – moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating, antimicrobial levels of divine!  it is because of its many attractive natural properties that wool has been used for centuries for garments, warmth and padding.

unlike most dog beds that are filled with uncomfortable, non-breathable, processed material destined for the dump, when we do stuff our beds, we stuff them with 100% natural, sustainably sourced california wool… because we love sheep!  (and because it is the right thing to do, and that’s our style.)

need more reasons to love wool?

photo credit: @speckz / Reddit

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