molly mutt: the story of a san francisco startup

how did you decide to start the molly mutt brand?

like most people in the bay area, i live on a wicked hill – it has to be at least a 45 degree angle!  doing laundry means sooooo many trips up & down this hill.  one day i was lugging laundry down the hill, which included a puked-on dog bed, and i thought….

‘why aren’t there covers for these like there are for my human bed? if there were, i wouldn’t have to do laundry nearly as often…’

at the time (2008) i didn’t know how to sew, but thanks to my previous position as a creative director, i did know how to get products made.  so i partnered with my friend art and we got started! coming up with the company name was a no-brainer, as my name is molly mundt.  the first designs also came easily and the rest in history!

where do you find inspiration for your patterns?

i am first and foremost a consumer, so i know immediately what i like.  (and even quicker what i don’t like!)

i find inspiration all over the place in my everyday life – most recently it was this color scape made of yarn in a craft store.

i find cool stuff everywhere – bars on a gate, typography and from the billion style & design blogs that i subscribe to.  (bright bazaar, poppytalk and a beautiful mess are a a few of my favorites.)  and like any good designer, i pin everything so i don’t lose track of my inspirations.

are their certain artists and / or designers who’s work inspires you? 

jonathan adler and orla kiely are two beloved sources of inspiration for my surface pattern designs.  i am also mildly (ok, completely) obsessed with all kinds of illustrations from the 1930’s through the early 60’s.  i can be found between the hours of 10pm to midnight scouring eBay for lots of vintage magazines to satisfy my cravings!

why did you decide to name patterns after songs?

i have always been a huge fan of creatively named colors (think OPI nail polish) – and i knew the best way to remember something is to give it a cool name!  as a huge band nerd (band president, ahem), i absolutely love music!  what sounds better to you? “aqua with tan trim” or “nightswimming”?  exactly.

how does the molly mutt team like to celebrate together?

we are big fans of having outside lunches & dinners during the summer in our co-founder art’s backyard.  we also have been known to convene a “meeting” at a local happy hour place with an outside patio, because no meeting is a REAL meeting  at molly mutt without the dogs!  we love going to drakes dealership (@drakesbeer) as well as old kan beer & co. (@oldkanbeer).

what dogs join you in the molly mutt offices? what are their job titles or responsibilities?

pickle: CRO (chief relationship officer / mouse hunter): pickle loves people almost as much as she loves ridding the office of any mice (gulp) that find there way over here from the nearby recycling plant.

bacon: head of security: bacon is the first to sound the alarm if someone is at the door.  she then greets and vets all visitors, and will let the rest of us know that the visitor has been reviewed and approved for entry. you can’t make it into our office without first meeting bacon – that’s how seriously she takes her job.

mm_201710_pickle and bean

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