the molly behind the mutt: at home

believe it our not there is a real molly (mundt) behind molly mutt.  she is not only a business owner and textile designer, but also a scrappy homeowner and dog-mama to two adorable fur babies!  we hope you enjoy learning a little more about life at home with molly, aka our fearless leader.

what molly mutt patterns do you have in your home and car?  do you have an all-time favorite pattern?

argghhhhh, this is a tough one!  because i am the one that is with the patterns from ideation to production and for the lifetime of the pattern – i have a love / hate relationship with every single one!

in the early stages, i love about half of them.  (and for those i don’t “like” its almost always for color reasons, not a design reason.  for instance royals; i love that pattern, i’m just not a purple person!)  after the pattern is here in the warehouse for a while, i become fickle when it comes to picking a favorite due to overexposure.  the same can be said for my human duvet at home, i just get bored very easily with surface pattern designs.

in the car i have the rocketman car seat cover + i am not a robot bed on top of it for the dogs, which is a great pattern pairing!  at home, our couch throw pillows are petite rough gem dog duvets stuffed with cotton + an old pillow, because, why not?!  i also have a rough gem round duvet on the floor in the living room.  in the bedroom i have a stack of dog beds next to my super-tall bed that make it easier for the small dogs to get up there.  the stack includes lion’s roar, time after time and karma chameleon, which looks eclectic and a bit all over the place!

rough gem is my all time favorite.  that’s my answer today, but a year from now i may have a totally different fave!

tell us about your dogs pickle & bean?

if having quirks were a paying gig, my dogs would be millionaires.  they are both major weirdos, in the best way!

pickle (lion) is a 15 lb. rescue terrier-mix mutt.  she has this crazy habit of becoming fixated on a stuffed creature of one species or another, and it is her BABY.  she has it with her all the time & walks around the house with it in her mouth crying.  pictured below are pickle with her first baby “fernando”, followed by a later love, “gator 1”.  she also freaks out hard when she sees any kind of animal on tv, be it real or animated!  it makes all tv with pickle a three ring circus.

bacon (tiger) is another rescue we adopted about two years ago.  we were kind of catfished into getting her.  (i love terriers, and i was told she was a terrier / chihuahua mix, but that dog is 1000% chihuahua!)  but now i love her, so not all worked out for the best!  bacon is a scavenger, and could be a professional “food finder.”  when i am cooking, you can be sure she is at my feet waiting for treats to fall from the sky.  bacon is also is ninja fast – just a blur of dog when she is on the go.  she is super playful & i’m madly in love with her!

what is your favorite way to spend quality time with your dogs?

because our dogs are with us at work every day and at home every night, we are lucky to have lots of quality time!  having them at work is essential.  feeling stressed?  just take the dogs out for a walk around the neighborhood!  walks are the main way i connect with the dogs.  that paired with cuddle time while watching tv at the end of the day.  also, don’t tell anyone, but both dogs have been known to crawl up and sleep in my knee nook when i’m sleeping.  (traitors!)

what are your favorite up-cycling life hacks?

i have this fear of throwing stuff away, and get big, fat anxiety about it.  with food, i have started trying to not throw out less-than-prime produce. (because the reality is mushy strawberries make me want to throw up and limp celery is just not going to happen.  ever.)  so i like to chop this stuff up and freeze it!  want a smoothie?  throw in frozen strawberries!  put that less-than-crisp celery and butts of an onion into a soup!

i also use old dog beds to make a ton of other stuff like pot holders, aprons, etc. if we’re friends, you have definitely been a recipient of these diy up-cycling hacks!

finally, i up-cycle paper a lot.  especially for wrapping paper.  i once went to an architect’s office & asked for old blueprints – you GUYS!!  they were just going to throw them out!?  and boom, i’ve been wrapping presents with blueprints forever.  it’s my signature!  (see below.)

what at-home luxuries can you not live without? 

when it comes to tech, my amazon fire is key for binge watching netflix, amazon and hulu.  (there is nothing better than drafting new patterns with a great show in the background.)  i also adore my ipad pro with pencil, which has revolutionized the way i draw and design.  i love it so much!

in the kitchen, i can’t live without my orange kitchen-aid stand mixer,  (shout out to all the bakers!)  my le creuset cookware and all-clad pans.  i went through a bit of a life change a couple of years ago and decided i wasn’t going to buy cheap crap that only lasted a few years before having to toss them.  i started saving up to buy nice pots & pans that should at least last through my lifetime, hopefully longer!  i recommend this for anyone who cooks.

this is really bad – and is NOT something i’m proud of at all – but i HATE water.  as in, left to my own devices, i won’t drink water. ever.  (i know, i know.)  a few years ago i got hooked on la croix & pellegrino, which is the only way i’ll drink it.  so i go through a lot of these (about a case a day.)  needless to say, i get my exercise going up & down the stairs to the recycling!

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