top 5 sleepiest dogs in the world

rewarding dogs for their abilities is a time honored tradition best exemplified by the 20 million people who tuned in on thanksgiving to watch newton the cheerful brussels griffon snag “best in show” at the national dog show.  (what football game?)  from contests rating overall health and appearance to athletic competitions, dogs are winning all the time!

however there is one critical category of canine behavior consistently overlooked in competition that is at the core of molly mutt’s values: sleeping.  and we think it’s time sleepy dogs get their day, doggone it!  because a snooze-y lifestyle is a commitment that should be rewarded like any other.  so here it is: the top 5 sleepiest dogs in the world!

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#5 – pug

the littlest on our list, these smoosh-faced pups are big on sack time.  while notorious for enthusiastic play, these little nuggets nap hard afterwards.  be sure to watch for mid-doze smiles, a specialty of the breed.

📸 by @dougthepug

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#4 – chow chow

these cartoon-level cute dogs can be found catching zzz’s constantly.  often mistaken for teddy bears, the chow chow’s hibernation skills only further the confusion.  sporting built in cuddle cushion, these dogs take snuggle sessions to a new level of wonderful.

📸 by @simba.sha

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# 3 – greyhound

perhaps one of the most surprising breeds on the list, don’t let the greyhound’s need for speed mislead you… they love to doze the day away.  keep your eye out for flailing limbs and rabbit-chasing dream sequences that make greyhounds particularly adorable to watch mid-siesta.

📸 by @leo.the.greyhound

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 9.56.17 AM

# 2 – mastiff

is it any surprise that the dogs who tip the scales anywhere from 120-225 lbs. need to rest their bones on the reg?  clocking up to 16 hours of sleep daily, massive mastiffs don’t make the best bedmates requiring lots of space to sprawl and drool the day (and night) away.

📸 by @nycmastiffs

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 9.40.59 AM

# 1 – bulldog

hands down the sleepiest of all the sleepy dogs is the bulldog.  complete with smooshy resting face and snort-filled snoring, bullies are true nap champs spending well over half their lives in dreamland.  just look how this one feels about being awoken for a photo…

📸 by @po.come.on.go

while there are many other tuckered out dog breeds in the world living the their best sleepy lives, these are a few of the most exceptionally exhausted pups that we think deserve some credit for their dreamtime achievements.  think we got it wrong – we’d love to hear from you!

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