a shout out to dog dads

last month we honored dog moms with a flowery ode, this month a different, tougher, celebration is in mode. june is the month to celebrate dads. the guy who scoops the poop and often wears plaid. he knows when to be quiet, and when to be bold. dad loves to tell jokes and they never... Continue Reading →

an ode to dog moms

at molly mutt, we had a thought, with you we’d like to share. a mom is a mom, no matter what, even to those covered in hair. mother’s day, is not a day, for moms of humans alone. it is a day, to celebrate (even if barking prone). from the love they give, to the... Continue Reading →

love: dog milk

i honestly can't tell you how many things i've bought because they are curated so well on probably my favorite dog blog:  DOG MILK!  i also just adore their posts on everything else dog - recipes, photographers, and on and on and on. a few of my most recent favorite posts: pet owners of laos... Continue Reading →

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