top 5 sleepiest dogs in the world

rewarding dogs for their abilities is a time honored tradition best exemplified by the 20 million people who tuned in on thanksgiving to watch newton the cheerful brussels griffon snag “best in show” at the national dog show.  (what football game?)  from contests rating overall health and appearance to athletic competitions, dogs are winning all... Continue Reading →

how to mix and match patterns like a pro

mixing patterns in design and fashion can be intimidating, but when done well it has the power to elevate any room or outfit!  while this practice may seem only for bohemian-types, it is actually something that creates visual depth no matter the personal style.  from kate spade’s preppy pairings of stripes and polka dots, to... Continue Reading →

love: the honest kitchen

our dogs are honest kitchen lovers.  my oldest dog - bean - is 15 now.  we switched her to honest kitchen food about 5 years ago.  before this, she shed ALL the time, and was a smidge (cough cough) overweight (exhibit a: dog head in bag.) since switching to the honest kitchen's dehydrated food (also... Continue Reading →

love: the gator

does anyone know why a certain toy will imprint on your dog - what about that specific toy makes it your dog's OBSESSION?  in our house, for some reason, it was this gator, by fluff & tuff. saying she's obsessed is actually an understatement.  every night, around 9, she can be found with the gator... Continue Reading →

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