the molly behind the mutt: at home

believe it our not there is a real molly (mundt) behind molly mutt.  she is not only a business owner and textile designer, but also a scrappy homeowner and dog-mama to two adorable fur babies!  we hope you enjoy learning a little more about life at home with molly, aka our fearless leader. what molly... Continue Reading →

five things a dog’s nose knows

the power is immense! a small body part, granted, but a dog’s nose has such talent - more than we could ever dream of having. in constant motion, the nose of a dog has 300 million olfactory receptors allowing it to smell 10,000 - 100,000 times better than us mere mortals. it can smell the... Continue Reading →


why is drawing eyebrows on your dog so funny? because i could laugh looking at eyebrow dogs ALL DAY. chihuahua     staffy little brown dog             terrier

dogs. in. raincoats.

FINALLY we are getting a little rain here in california! to say my car is dirty barely begins to cover it...because up here keeping your vehicle dirty is a creepy badge of honor...THANKS drought! anyways, FINALLY, it's time to pull out those raincoats again & wash away the dust! pickle & bean (yes, of course... Continue Reading →

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