top 5 sleepiest dogs in the world

rewarding dogs for their abilities is a time honored tradition best exemplified by the 20 million people who tuned in on thanksgiving to watch newton the cheerful brussels griffon snag “best in show” at the national dog show.  (what football game?)  from contests rating overall health and appearance to athletic competitions, dogs are winning all... Continue Reading →

Earth Day 2016 by the Numbers

Two million pounds and counting!! Okay - so we don't have an actual count of how much stuff our consumers have used to fill the insides of their molly mutt beds since February 2009. But if we use a little back-of-the-napkin math, we know we've sold enough beds to need 990 tons of upcycled fabric for filling... Continue Reading →

The Four Upsides to Upcycling

Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the repurposing of useless or unwanted items in a new (and often better) way. And to be candid, there is no downside to upcycling – it’s all up! molly mutt was born on the concept of upcycling, and we have the Maker Faire to thank for that. In... Continue Reading →

upcycle this: plastic toy jars

so while i don't have kids, i do for some strange reason, have quiet a few plastic toys in my house. basically junk that should have thrown away many spring cleanings ago... and then - THANKS pinterest & any number of blogs that show you how to do this, i used land of nams (but... Continue Reading →

upcycle this: picture frames

i probably have 476 dead picture frames...dead because the glass is broken or the picture is from my "girl-y/bad taste" phase of buying "art" at ikea.  these projects are all super easy.  i'm going to at least tackle the serving tray! 1  terrarium     2  serving tray    3  side table    4  chalkboard

upcycle this: suitcases

it looks like there are maybe a BILLION different way to upcycle suitcases!  it makes me wish i had an attic or basement FULL of them!! dog bed side table doll house        bookshelf

upcycle this: rulers

i have 4 of these in my apartment.  i guess i am secretly a craft hoarder (or maybe now, not so secretly...) instead of throwing these beauties out, here are a few amazing ways to upcycle these into something new & awesome! 1.  serving tray     2.  box       3.  arrow     4.  coat rack

upcycle this: tin cans

i'll be really honest - up until today - all cans in my house go right into the recycling. but after seeing all the cool things you can do with ratty old tin cans, i need to rethink my "just throw them away" strategy!  below is a round up of some pretty magnificent ways to... Continue Reading →

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