Earth Day 2016 by the Numbers

Two million pounds and counting!! Okay - so we don't have an actual count of how much stuff our consumers have used to fill the insides of their molly mutt beds since February 2009. But if we use a little back-of-the-napkin math, we know we've sold enough beds to need 990 tons of upcycled fabric for filling... Continue Reading →


why is drawing eyebrows on your dog so funny? because i could laugh looking at eyebrow dogs ALL DAY. chihuahua     staffy little brown dog             terrier

dogs. in. raincoats.

FINALLY we are getting a little rain here in california! to say my car is dirty barely begins to cover it...because up here keeping your vehicle dirty is a creepy badge of honor...THANKS drought! anyways, FINALLY, it's time to pull out those raincoats again & wash away the dust! pickle & bean (yes, of course... Continue Reading →

dogs. in. jerseys.

whether you like football or not...iiiiiiiiiiit's baaaaaaaaaack!! if you're like me, you live in a household where the patriarch is OCD about monday night football, sunday football, sometimes thursday football. is there a cure?! regardless, dogs in jerseys are nothing to shake your head at - because they're awesome!eagles pomeranians vikings corgi patriots schnauzer giants... Continue Reading →

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