upcycle this: rulers

i have 4 of these in my apartment.  i guess i am secretly a craft hoarder (or maybe now, not so secretly...) instead of throwing these beauties out, here are a few amazing ways to upcycle these into something new & awesome! 1.  serving tray     2.  box       3.  arrow     4.  coat rack

upcycle this: tin cans

i'll be really honest - up until today - all cans in my house go right into the recycling. but after seeing all the cool things you can do with ratty old tin cans, i need to rethink my "just throw them away" strategy!  below is a round up of some pretty magnificent ways to... Continue Reading →

old dog bed tutorial #2: potholders

expanding on our previous tote tutorial (which can be found here), here is another easy sewing project you can make from your old dog bed fabric! instructions pdf here finished size: 9.5” length x 7.5“ width seam allowance: .25” materials 1.  scraps for the front - 9" wide (length will vary) - this is the... Continue Reading →

upcycle this: jeans

jeans...i have a love/hate relationship with denim.  needless to say, i have more than one pair of jeans that were retired ages ago.  and in the spirit of using old junk to make new awesome stuff, let's repurpose some denim, shall we? here are a few awesome things you can make with jeans! coffee sleeve... Continue Reading →

love: personalized dog treats!

i found this on dog milk, and can't help but re-posting. mostly because this would be SUCH a great gift for pretty much everyone i know (all crazy dog people, obviously!) let's all go out & make these RIGHT NOW!!!

old dog bed tutorial #1: tote

let’s start with something FABULOUS. yes, our dog beds are amazing & durable & la di dah di dah. but eventually, they need to be retired—either because they are loved to the bone, or you just want a new one. I faced a dilemma when this happened the first time—a few years ago. and because... Continue Reading →

upcycle THIS: maps

upcycling = reusing discarded stuff & turning it into something bigger & better. an (obvious) example: using old clothes & pillows to stuff your dog bed. (yea, i couldn't help myself) a (less obvious) example: using that old atlas that was rendered useless since maps moved to digital & turning them into coasters (WANT) (tutorial... Continue Reading →

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