love: the honest kitchen

our dogs are honest kitchen lovers.  my oldest dog - bean - is 15 now.  we switched her to honest kitchen food about 5 years ago.  before this, she shed ALL the time, and was a smidge (cough cough) overweight (exhibit a: dog head in bag.) since switching to the honest kitchen's dehydrated food (also... Continue Reading →

love: the gator

does anyone know why a certain toy will imprint on your dog - what about that specific toy makes it your dog's OBSESSION?  in our house, for some reason, it was this gator, by fluff & tuff. saying she's obsessed is actually an understatement.  every night, around 9, she can be found with the gator... Continue Reading →

love: dog milk

i honestly can't tell you how many things i've bought because they are curated so well on probably my favorite dog blog:  DOG MILK!  i also just adore their posts on everything else dog - recipes, photographers, and on and on and on. a few of my most recent favorite posts: pet owners of laos... Continue Reading →

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