pattern play: the lion’s roar

here is the song that perfectly encapsulates lion's roar (by first aid kit which you can buy here) and HERE is walter the weiner, who perfectly encapsulates looking awesome on this bed! buy yours here »

pattern play: these days

i first heard this song about a billion years ago...and then remembered how much i loved it when i heard it in the movie "the royal tennenbaums" (a movie that if you haven't seen it, you are making a mistake.) so without further ado, here is these days, by nico! pugs       australian shepard        puggle... Continue Reading →

pattern play: midnight train

it's not a huge secret that we name our patterns after songs.  there are about 476 different ways that process happens - sometimes i just LOVE the song, other times the song title just FITS the pattern (but to be fair, i still have to at least like the song...!) i first heard this song... Continue Reading →

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