inspired by song: time after time

a song so iconic it made rolling stone’s list of the top 100 pop songs of the century, cyndi lauper’s ‘time after time’ means something different to everyone.  for many, it is the audio backdrop to the final dance scene from 90’s classic ‘romy & michelle’s high school reunion.’ for others, this is an anthem... Continue Reading →

pattern play: NEW!! papillon & new theory

meet papillon & new theory! our latest & greatest new patterns - available in EVERYTHING! duvets, petite duvets, crate covers, round duvets...everything! here is papillon. it's exotic, kind of feels moroccan somehow-and is perfect for so many rooms in your house. we have nothing else even close, design-wise! buy papillon here » and here's new... Continue Reading →

pattern play: nightswimming

this is still one of my favorite songs - it reminds me of summer & writing in journals, and feeling like i would NEVER be a grown up...(and then you become an adult & it's all "youth is wasted on the young."  i used to HATE when my parents said that, and recently i actually... Continue Reading →

pattern play: dream lover

ahhhh the 1950's.  my favorite advertising age was definitely 1945 through 1963.  illustrations were EVERYTHING, and though this was only 60 years ago, it was such a totally different world!  women were worried about what dishes to ask for as wedding presents, because you were going to be JUDGED by what you served your food... Continue Reading →

pattern play: your hand in mine

the only pattern still going strong that we debuted at the VERY beginning.  your hand in mine is our longest running design! the song is by explosions in the sky - and they are super emo, but wonderfully so! (buy song here) buy yours here »

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